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PuppyProtector™ - Car Seat Cover for Pets

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"I installed this in the back seat of our 2009 Rav4. The back seat is pulled forward. The cover is hooked over the head rests of the front seats and the back seats with straps. The straps are secure and adjustable. There is a zipper that opens the cover between the front seats, which is amazing, as we have a dog that likes that spot on the center console, and I was concerned about that. I put their dog pillows (yes they are spoiled) on top of the cover in the back seat and they settled right in and said 'what a nice ride'. This provides a nice solid one piece cover and they love it, and no more falls to the floor! And I can easily remove it for a dog-hair-free seat for our human guests. Great product!" ★★★★★
- Jan Johnson
North Las Vegas, NV

Grab your Discounted PuppyProtector™ - Car Seat Cover for Pets while the store LAUNCH DISCOUNT is on. Once we reach 200 unit sales, we will be increasing the price back up to $119.95 USD.

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  • GUARANTEED to protect your car seats from nail scratching, hair and dirt.
  • Universal size to fit to any back seat, 58 inches x 54 inches with adjustable straps.
  • Water and tear resistant with rubber backing to prevent slipping.
  • Keeps your dog from jumping up front or falling between seats.
  • Equipped with seat belt opening to use your back seat belts and any attachments as usual.

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