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High Performance Survival Grappling Gravity Hook

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"I've seen these advertised on TV and was so intrigued! This thing is seriously as cool as it looks and as cool as the videos make it seem! You will need something to attach to it, such as para-cord or rope as nothing is included except for the device itself. This device hinges extremely easily and uses gravity to grab onto items. It remains closed until you lower it on/over an object and then it will open up. Pull up on the rope and the jaws will close around the object. With nothing more than gravity pressing on the sides and using its little weight, it securely holds onto the object.

I did a few different tests like I saw on TV advertisements. The first one I did, which was the hardest, was to pickup a quarter. In the videos, they make it look so easy. I have been unsuccessful in picking up a quarter so far, but I was able to pick up a nickel, I think because it is a bit thicker. I picked up keys, a screwdriver, a pair of shoes, some kids toys, a pencil, and more. Literally you just need to lower this down and drop it on/over the object, then lift up and it will snag it. As long as you can get the object within the teeth of this hook, it should pick it up." ★★★★★
- Adam Davis
Austin, Texas

Grab your Discounted High Performance Survival Grappling Gravity Hook while the store LAUNCH DISCOUNT is on. Once we reach 600 unit sales, we will be increasing the price back up to $84.95 USD.

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    Have you ever wanted to be a Ninja? Now you can! This High Performance Survival Grappling Gravity Hook is exactly what you need in any tactical situation. This isn't your father's grappling hook. This work of art is an essential tool for anyone who loves outdoor adventures. Whether you're camping, hiking, hunting or fishing, make sure you add this excellent piece of gear to your list.

    Drop your keys down a drain? No problem. You'll be throwing your wife's wedding ring down there just so you can be a hero and rescue it.

    Ever drop a wrench that you couldn't reach? Wipe your tears because the gravity hook has got you covered.

    ** PICK UP ANYTHING ** !

    Not only can you pick things up, but you can also use this hook as a grappling to help you get up those small climbs.

    You can even Save Cats! Yes, even your poor kitty can be retrieved. Simply connect a sardine to the end and when your furry friend latches on, pull slowly. Make sure you pull slow so that you don't hurt the cat. It's a cat, not a Catfish, so take it easy.

    Whatever the use, buy yours today before we're sold out so that you snag your friends keys tomorrow!

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