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"A friend recommended this cat toy, as her cat loved it, and she was right to recommend it. My cats love it, too. They will play with the one-level type round track/ball toys, but they really get distracted by this one. It is well designed and the balls roll so easily that I swear breathing on them would propel them (haven't tried that yet). Plus, when one ball moves, the other two tend to move, thoroughly engaging the cats. It's sturdy enough for my 14 and 15-lb. cats, too. And the toy's footprint is not too big, like some of the other round track toys. One more nice feature: you can hide toys and treats down the center of this toy and the cats will fish them out. My cats are 7+ years old (i.e., not playful kittens) and this toy still attracts them." ★★★★★
- CK O'Brien
Austin, Texas

Grab your Discounted CAT SPEED RACER PLAY TRACK TOY while the store LAUNCH DISCOUNT is on. Once we reach 200 unit sales, we will be increasing the price back up to $49.50 USD.

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Keep your cat occupied with this interactive toy.

Provide hours of fun for your favorite cats and kittens -- day or night! (Hours of fun for you to watch them play too!)

Not one, but three stacks of track with moving ball give your cat the thrill of chase.

  • Stacked play station perfect for one or more cats. 
  • Three levels for exciting fun. 
  • Sturdy construction stands up to vigorous play.
  • Balls spin and roll for fun, exciting action.
  • Non-skid pads at bottom keep toy in place.

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