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eDoorbell 3.0™ - 720P WiFi Doorbell Camera w/ Night Vision & Motion Detection

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"We have been using the ring video doorbell for several weeks now and love it! Now, we can interact with people at the door regardless if we are in the bathroom, backyard, or not home at! It gives us the security we were looking for, without the overkill appearance of a security camera at the front door.

I have motion alerts and ring alerts enabled on my iPhone, and ring notification only on my wife's iPhone. We were both able to answer rings, and both able to communicate with the visitors from different locations over cellular connection at the same time. The visitors really have no idea if you are home or not. Highly recommended!!" ★★★★★
- Jeremy Franco
Ontario, Canada

Grab your Discounted eDoorbell 3.0™ - 720P WiFi Doorbell Camera w/ Night Vision & Motion Detection while the store LAUNCH DISCOUNT is on. Once we reach 200 unit sales, we will be increasing the price back up to $295.00 USD.

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  1. WiFi video doorbell connects to network via wireless router or network cable.
  2. Mobile devices include smartphone or tablet, could connect to the doorbell;
  3. After the visitor rings, mobile devices interact with doorbell via real time video and audio.
  4. WiFi doorbell support motion detection alarm, with IR night vision, and 12V power supply.
  5. 2.4G Wifi, real time viewing, supports 100M broadband, supports all Android and iOS operation systems.
  6. Multi doorbell and multi mobile device can work at the same time.
  7. With CE and ROHS certificate.
  8. With one-touch calling button.
  9. With rain-proof cover.
  10. One doorbell can support max to 8 mobile devices.
  11. One mobile device can support max to 4 WiFi doorbells.
  12. Can take photos.
  13. Can take videos (the video file will be saved on the mobile device).

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