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MagicChef™ - High Quality Foldable Steam Rinse Strain Fry Basket

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"Tried it several times and it works great. Used for making hard boiled eggs, vegs, seafood. To use on a pot that is larger than it would normally fit I put a wooden spoon through the handles across the pot. Worked great and easy way to pick up without steaming my hands. Recommended, must have for the kitchen! Thanks Hobbies Discount" ★★★★★
- Brandon Franco
Ontario, Canada

Grab your Discounted MagicChef™ - High Quality Foldable Steam Rinse Strain Fry Basket while the store LAUNCH DISCOUNT is on. Once we reach 200 unit sales, we will be increasing the price back up to $49.95 USD.

Quick, only 10 available! Limit 2 per customer.

  • Cast from high-quality stainless steel, electrolytic polishing on the surface, durable and useful, as bright as a mirror, rust and distortion resistant.
  • Use of micro-point resistance welding and seamless welding technology, product highlights-free solder, no welding injury, no edges, no shedding, safe to use.
  • Grid design of penetration of water or steam to ensure cleaning and sterilization.
  • Can be used to store fruits and snacks, it also can be used to fry potatoes, chicken and other fried foods. Great helper for the kitchen.
  • Easy to clean: Just need to clean it with water and detergent, then dry it with towels.

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