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Limited Edition Japanese Samurai Katana Umbrella Foldable

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" We've been having our typical awful winter weather this past few weeks in San Francisco. Unfortunately, my old Walgreens mini umbrella fell victim to a gale force wind one day and subsequently thrusted me into the market for a new umbrella.

Enter...the Samurai Umbrella. A coworker had just received one as a Christmas present, which is how I came to know this amazing piece of craftsmanship. This was the first time I have ever seen a product and thought "this is the best model of a device that will ever exist." In other words, you will be hard pressed to ever find an umbrella that is as well-built, clever, and has a knack for starting conversations as the Samurai Umbrella.

Just last night as I was commuting back home on my back, I had the umbrella firmly strapped around my torso, and another biker came up behind me and remarked, "I bet drivers make sure to give you the right away when they see that sword on you." I just laughed and explained my sheathed weapon was actually just an umbrella. His face looked like his brain might have just exploded inside his cranium. It really is that amazing.

Construction/quality...the big question on any product. You won't find an umbrella under $100 with better craftsmanship. This umbrella opens smooth like a deadly ninja assassin. It's very solid and feels precision-made. The long handle allows for a great grip during heavy winds and the grips actually functions to improve your grip on the device even more.
" ★★★★★
- Michael Yap
San Francisco

Grab your Discounted Limited Edition Japanese Samurai Katana Umbrella Foldable while the store LAUNCH DISCOUNT is on. Once we reach 200 unit sales, we will be increasing the price back up to $64.95 USD.

Quick, only 10 available! Limit 2 per customer.


  • Custom Handle of a Samurai Sword
  • Canopy Measures 41-inch Diameter When Open
  • Measures 16.5-inch Long
  • Easy Automatic Push Button Open!
  • Includes a Shoulder Strap.


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